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                Search for Shanghai Apartments, Old House,Villa or Office
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                Want to Buy Location : Beds & Baths : bdr bthr Size : - M2
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                Rent an Apartment
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                Name: Alise
                Work area: city center( Jing'an xuhui
                Maxims: With my professional and integrity and for you in Shanghai arranged and comfortable home, let us become reliable friend!
                Shanghai Serviced Apartments for Rent

                Park view

                Aidu Mansion

                City Apartment

                C.on Nanjing

                Chateau Pinnacle



                Nanyang four Seas...

                Container apartments to ease Shanghai housing squeeze
                Renter won't leave flat, now lives at jail
                Court awards ex-husband Shanghai apartment
                Two-thirds buy homes before marriage
                Shanghai’s subsidized housing programs moving forward
                The Latest Apartment Rental Information
                Jingan Hanlinfudi 1bdr 2lr 1bthr 60M2 6,000RMB /Month
                Jingan my freedom 2bdr 1lr 1bthr 100M2 5,800RMB /Month
                Changning lei xing international plaza 1bdr 2lr 1bthr 72M2 6,800RMB /Month
                Changning Lei Shing International Plaza 1bdr 1lr 1bthr 72M2 6,000RMB /Month
                Changning da an chang nine garden 2bdr 2lr 2bthr 105M2 6,500RMB /Month
                Jingan Tongji Garden 1bdr 1lr 1bthr 52M2 4,800RMB /Month
                Tools & Contracts
                Rent Flow Chart
                Trade Tax
                Collect Standard
                Lease Contract of Real Estate (English and Chinese)
                Lease Contract of Real Estate (English)
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